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It is the policy of the Journal to publish quality material that contributes to the body of knowledge about Māori and Indigenous development. It aims to do so in a way that also assists in advancing the capabilities of Māori and Indigenous people who are engaged in research and scholarly training.

MAI Review is designed to cater for a wide range of contributions including different types of articles, open peer commentaries, short papers, research notes and technical notes.

In following a sound review process, we are grateful for the kind support and guidance of colleagues who are experts in the field. It is also important to us to assist authors to publish, and to improve their work, by providing helpful detailed feedback from the review.

Thus the task of a reviewer is two-fold. First, to determine whether a work deserves to be published; and second, to provide comments and suggestions on both the research and the writing that is designed to help improve both.  If you are interested in becoming a reviewer please read on.

Review process

Every submission is peer reviewed and the aim to have three reviewers per article. Another aim is to minimise the time between submission and the final outcome. An important part of this process is the timely contribution from our reviewers. It is our intention to request no more that one article per year from any reviewer and we ask that reviews are returned within 14 days.

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Reviewer registration

If you are not registered as a Journal user, then begin the process by clicking on the “Register” button at the top right corner of the home page. Ensure that you specify the role of ‘reviewer’ as well as that of ‘author’ in the online registration process and include full statements of your background and research interests.
If you are registered as a Journal user and would like to be enrolled as a reviewer, please download and complete this reviewer registration form and send it as an e-mail attachment to the editor who will check the details and complete the enrolment where applicable.

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Instructions for reviewers

The instructions for carrying out a review using the Journal’s online system are provided in a series of steps, which include screen snapshots. These steps are easy to follow and it would be appreciated if reviewers used this method in the first instance.
CLICK ON  >>  instructions for reviewers (to download this file right click on this link and select 'save as' from the context menu that appears).

Confidentiality. We remind all peer reviewers that authors submit manuscripts to MAI Review on the understanding that the review process is confidential. The evaluations are carried out in a double-blind manner. This means that communication between editors and reviewers is privileged in all matters pertaining to the paper and its contents. Reviewers may not use information (in whole or in part) contained in this study for any purpose or discuss its contents with third parties.

Consulting a colleague. If you need to consult a colleague about a paper, you may do so as long as the content is not shared with that person and anonymity of the author remains protected. If you feel the need to share content, then you may only do so by prior consent of the Editor. In such a case, you must provide the third party's name and contact information so that the editorial office may contact that person to obtain all necessary disclosures and assurances to ensure the integrity of the process.

Declaration of conflict. You are required to disclose any personal, financial, or professional conflicts that might bias your review of any submitted paper.

After receiving acknowledgement and confirmation that the review material has been received, please destroy any electronic or print copies of the manuscript (including any illustrations).

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