The political apology as a millennial phenomenon
Gary Raumati Hook


Political apologies are not new, but the huge upsurge in their presentation that occurred during the 1990s was unexpected and suggested that a remarkable change in national conscience had taken place. This upsurge opened the door to reconciliation between nations and between marginalized ethnic minorities, and their mainstream political leaders. The presentation of political apologies continues today with the most recent apology by the Prime Minister of Australia to the “stolen generation.” Political apologies are important especially to indigenous minorities who depend very strongly on the mind-set of their majority colonizers. In this essay the upsurge of political apologies around the world is identified as a millennial phenomenon associated with the end of the last century; basically, a numerological phenomenon directed towards the advent of the third Christian millennium. The main driver of this phenomenon appears to be the Roman Catholic Church through the desire of the then Pope John Paul II to renew and reinvigorate the Christian faith prior to the advent of the third millennium.

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