MAI Review, 2006, Issue 1

MAI Review, 2006, Issue 1 Target Articles
Needs, rights, nationhood, and the politics of indigeneity.
Dominic O'Sullivan
12 pages

Cognition, perception and action: Processes underlying problem-solving and well-being in single and double worlds
Les R. Tumoana Williams
11 pages

MAI Review, 2006, Issue 1 Peer Commentaries
The fragility of self-determination and the deeper challenge of the politics of indigeneity
Sarah Maddison Jones
3 pages

The Howard Government’s approach to the policy of Indigenous self-determination
Andrew Gunstone
3 pages

Self-determination and the politics of indigeneity
Lindsey Te Ata o Tu MacDonald
3 pages

On communitarianism: the possibilities and limits of transformation
Chris Tooley
3 pages

MAI Review, 2006, Issue 1 Articles
The ‘native informant’ anthropologist as kaupapa Māori research
Des Tatana Kahotea
9 pages

A future for Māori education Part I: the dissociation of culture and education
G Raumati Hook
14 pages

MAI Review, 2006, Issue 1 Intern Research Reports
Cultural vehicles and Māori television: what Māori world resources are used to communicate health messages to Māori?
Ronald Ngata
12 pages

Unequal treatment: a feasibility study into epidural pain relief in childbirth
Peter Nelson
16 pages

Research and development of Māori community tourism capacity in Tamaki Makaurau
Keri Wikitera
16 pages

Hegel and consumer culture: an indigenous perspective
Stacy Goldsmith
13 pages

Cultural vehicles and the Māori print media: what cultural concepts are used to communicate health messages to Māori?
Shiloh Groot
16 pages

Modes of Representation in Māori documentary
Kahurangi Waititi
16 pages

Whangai: remembering, understanding and experiencing
Karyn Mcrae, Linda Waimarie Nikora
18 pages

Leadership in Māori, European cultures and in the world of sport
Patrick Te Rito
19 pages

Puhi: Memories and experiences in their ceremonial role in traditional and contemporary Māori worlds
Ariana Simpson
15 pages

Mōteatea: pātaka whakairinga kōrero
Mōrehu Nikora
17 pages

He kaha tō te ao, he kaha anō tō te pō
Edwin Wikatene
14 pages

MAI Review, 2006, Issue 1 Doctoral Conference Abstracts
Doctoral Conference Abstracts
Various Authors
18 pages

MAI Review, 2006, Issue 1 Te Kokonga - Workshop Corner
Alison Jones
2 pages

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