MAI Review, 2010, Issue 1

MAI Review, 2010, Issue 1 Pacific Research in Education: New Directions
Pacific research in education: New directions. An Introduction
Eve Coxon, Tanya Wendt Samu
4 pages

Pacific education: An Oceanic perspective
Tanya Wendt Samu
14 pages

‘Polycultural’ capital and educational achievement among NZ-born Pacific peoples
Karlo Mila-Schaaf, Elizabeth Robinson
18 pages

Agency and transformation: Pasifika teachers navigating the currents of change
Nane Tupuna Rio, Maxine Stephenson
10 pages

Re-scripting life: New Zealand-born Tongan 'youth-at-risk' narratives of return migration
Adrian Owen Schoone
11 pages

The allocation of Pasifika identity in New Zealand classrooms
Alexis Siteine
12 pages

Get a twenty inch frying pan: Enhancing success for Pasifika bilingual education
Meaola Amituanai-Toloa
11 pages

Additive bilingual education: Unlocking the culture of silence
Patisepa Tuafuti
14 pages

“Be true to one’s self”: Learning to be leaders in Pasifika education strategy
22 pages

The strengthened sinnet: Distance learning from a Pasifika perspective
Vaovasamanaia Meripa Toso, Seiuli Luama Sauni
9 pages

“Play…a waste of time”? Samoan and Tongan student teachers’ views of play
Manutai Toru Leaupepe
12 pages

Research for better Pacific schooling in New Zealand: Teu le va – a Samoan perspective
Melani Shyleen Anae
24 pages

MAI Review, 2010, Issue 1 Research Notes
The body of Pacific literature
Selina Tusitala Marsh
6 pages

Reflections on the life work of a distinguished Pacific educationist: ‘Ilaisa Futa ‘I Ha’angana Helu, 1934 – 2010.
Eve Coxon
7 pages

MAI Review, 2010, Issue 1 Te Kokonga - Workshop Corner
Teaching Pacific literature
Selina Tusitala Marsh
5 pages

Getting started with Pacific research: Finding resources and information on Pacific research models and methodologies
Judy Taligalu McFall-McCaffery
5 pages

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