MAI Review, 2010, Issue 3

MAI Review, 2010, Issue 3 Community Research Engagement
Researching with Whānau Collectives
Fiona Cram, Vivienne Kennedy
12 pages

Ethics of Researching with Whānau Collectives
Vivienne Kennedy, Fiona Cram
8 pages

Measuring Whānau: A review of longitudinal studies in New Zealand
Sarah Mckenzie, Kristie Carter
11 pages

Appreciative Inquiry
Fiona Cram
13 pages

Vivienne Kennedy
12 pages

Vivienne Kennedy
12 pages

Te Whakapapa o te Reo i Roto i te Whānau
Kirimatao Paipa
15 pages

The PATH Planning Tool and its Potential for Whānau Research
Kataraina Ameria Pipi
7 pages

Ma Te Whānau Te Huarahi Motuhake: Whānau Participatory Action Research Groups
Moana Eruera
9 pages

Participative action research: Consensus cardsort – Whānau future narrative
Denis O'Reilly
11 pages

Whānau Tuatahi: Māori community partnership research using a Kaupapa Māori methodology
Bernadette Jones, Tristram R. Ingham, Cheryl Davies, Fiona Cram
14 pages

Social Network Analysis and Research with Māori collectives
Vivienne Kennedy
21 pages

He Kōrero Whānau o Te Rarawa
Wendy Henwood, Jasmine Pirini, Aroha Harris
9 pages

Natural Conversations as a Method of Coming to Know Indigenous Communities
Rachel Eni, Gladys Rowe
9 pages

MAI Review, 2010, Issue 3 Poetry
Doug Poole
4 pages

Briar Wood
3 pages

Selina Tusitala Marsh
5 pages

Serie Barford
3 pages

Tracey Tawhiao
3 pages

MAI Review, 2010, Issue 3 Te Kokonga - Workshop Corner
What is Research?
Les R. Tumoana Williams, Adreanne Ormond
6 pages

What is Tika when Teaching Small Groups in a University Setting in Aotearoa New Zealand?
Robyn Manuel
3 pages

Publish or Perish? The challenge of journal rankings for Māori-related research
Jenny Hobson, Meegan Hall
5 pages

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