MAI Review, 2007, Issue 1

MAI Review, 2007, Issue 1 Target Articles
A Future for Māori Education Part II: The Reintegration of Culture and Education
G. Raumati Hook
17 pages

MAI Review, 2007, Issue 1 Peer Commentaries
Indigeneity and Reconceptualising Māori Education Policy
Dominic O’Sullivan
4 pages

Three Pathways for a Tangata Whenua Framework
Betsan Martin
3 pages

MAI Review, 2007, Issue 1 Articles
Tikanga in the Laboratory: Engaging Safe Practice
Melanie J Cheung, Hannah Gibbons, Michael Dragunow, Richard LM Faull
7 pages

Whāia te māramatanga: Māori language revitalisation and tertiary education in Aotearoa and Te Wai Pounamu
Catriona E. Timms
12 pages

Tikapa: archaeological and ancestral landscape
Jacinta Beckwith
6 pages

The Diffusion of Sustainable Technologies to Māori Land: A Case Study of Participation by Māori in Agri-Food Networks
Simon Lambert
10 pages

Development of Tidal Secondary Flow Generated by Headlands
Peter Russell
5 pages

Tupuna Awa and Sustainable Resource Knowledge Systems of the Waikato River
Marama Muru-Lanning
6 pages

Developing Indigenous Infrastructure in the University: Another Era or another Error?
Te Tuhi Robust
10 pages

MAI Review, 2007, Issue 1 Intern Research Reports
Evaluation of Methods for the Automated DNA Extraction of Samples from Crime Scenes
Tracey Lynne Haldane
16 pages

Building relationships between Māori secondary school students and tertiary education
Richard Odgers
8 pages

Whanau transformation through tribal reconnection
James Hoskins
8 pages

A Heap of Metal? A Narrative of Medals Awarded to Soldiers in ‘A’ Company, 28 Battalion
Corinthia Kepa
9 pages

Māori Gifted and Talented Education: a review of the literature
Rangimarie Mahuika
13 pages

The impact of Māori Television on being Māori: A geographical approach
Vanessa Poihipi
21 pages

Hei tiki and issues of representation within contemporary Māori arts.
Pania Waaka
17 pages

Towards an educational analysis of Māori and Pacific Island student achievement at the Church College of New Zealand.
Tereapii Solomon
17 pages

Engaging with Māori Art and Identity: A Conversation with Māori Artists in Otepoti.
Suzi Wereta
21 pages

Entrepreneurial engagement by support networks to encourage new venture success among Māori
Michelle Anderson
14 pages

Secondary School Teaching and Māori Student Achievement in Science
Teresa Taurima
12 pages

MAI Review, 2007, Issue 1 Te Kokonga - Workshop Corner
Jennifer Hobson
3 pages

Alison Jones
3 pages

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